Archiv 2016


Exhibition Sèyo & Phillip Boë, Expo Atelier, rue de Boujean 39/ Bözingenstrasse 39, 2502 Biel/ Bienne. Vernissage: 25.11.2016, Finissage: 04.12.2016

Grandmaster Flash - DJ teaching 2016,

Grandmaster Flash in Action in da Bronx, 2009 with The Quick Mix Theory.

4bf=6rc=loop, Gradmaster Flash's Magic DJ formula, The Quick Mix Theory, sharply observed by Fab Five Freddy.

Crazyone's 51 Birthday - Videoclip, HHMS congratulates.

Kool DJ Red Alert, live on air on 98.7 KISS FM, New York City, early 80ies.,

Check out TC5Hip Hop unificators bevor Bambaataa,

DMC-2006, recommendation by DJ Keys,

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skratch Bastid, Red Bull Thre3 Style 2015 world finals, 

Swiss Hip Hop Magazin

US Hip Hop Magazin onetwoonetwo,

Cap celebrates his 50th birthday in the Coupole Biel on 29.04.2016, HHMS congratulates, April 2016, 


LaNefera, Odio, female Rap- artist from Basel, 2016,

Book release Four stories. Bboying in Bern, Videopromotion, Adrian Streit, Mai 2016, proper publishing,

DJ Kentaro & DJ Craze (Red Bull Thre3style, World Finals, Tokyo, 2015),

DJ Kentaro (DMC, World Finals in London, 2014),

Electric- boogie(Flexing & bone Breaking, 2011), recommendation by Frankie Freez', 2016,

"Ghost Rockz", Nationalität Breakdance, SRF, Reporter, 25.03.2014,

IAM, "de la planète de mars", (first album), 1991, Marseille,

IAMlive concert, Pyramides Gizeh, (Egypt), 2008,


NETFLIX- Serie 2016, The get down , Trailer of the first episode, 2016.

NY times - Article, August 28th 2016, about Grandmaster Flash, 2016.  

Watching. My name go by (1976). Graffiti Days! New York City Graffiti, BBC Documentation,2015,recommended by Spok from Kettenreaktion2016August 2016.

Cope2 - "king or snitch?", youtube- upload by Microrbk, 2016.