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Artist Biography "Kid Terrific" - Pioneer and old (true) school Electric Boogie Dancer

- Künstlerbiographie "Kid Terrific" - Pionier und old (true) school Electric Boogie Tänzer - 

Darby James Torres – as known as Kid Terrific – is born in Harlem New York City on July 31st in 1966. He belongs to the very old (true) school Electric Boogie dancers at age seven in the Bronx. After having tried out Graffiti, Dj’ing and some floor moves he finally enjoyed Electric Boogie the best. Citation Kid Terrific:

I enjoyed dancing and how fluent it can be almost like a visual mind manipulation.

Besides he liked the fact that electric boogie has the potential to transform itself. To improve his dance he watched TV- Shows on Saturday morning like Soul Train (video1, video2) with its dancers, American Bandstand (video3, video4) or other shows with dancers like „Rerun“, „Good-me & JJ Walker“ or the awesome Michael Jackson and the „Jackson five“. Because the gang would pick him anyway, he and his friends had no choice to join one of them. It was more a matter of survive due to the violent community they lived in than just wanting to be a part of a group. Thus in the beginning to dance was about to get a good reputation in the neighbourhood – performing came later. He and his friends practiced all the time. They lived to dance (pic 1 (1979), pic. 2 (around 1981)). Back in time this dance was called Robot, which later went on in NYC to be called Electric Boogie. The same goes for the name of Hip Hop. In the beginning there were house parties in abandoned buildings or in someones crazy apartment that would permit kids to wreck it. These were the places where bboppers (i.e. puerto rican- gang membres from the 50ies and 60ies like the "dragons", "vampires", ....) would meet, drink, dance and play music, so called jams or block- parties. The record industries called it later Hip Hop.

In 1977 he joined the „Rockwell Association“, which became his first official crew. Kid Terrifics Graffiti- name in the subway was "Tee2", unfortunately in the "Rockwell Association" there was already a "Tee", so they called him Kid Tee. Later on Kid Terrific started to do his own thing or together with his dance- partner X-Tro. His breakthrough as solo artist came after he won a dance contest in 1983 at the Pier in South- Manhattan New York City. There he got discovered by the "Tin Pan Apple Management" and they started to promote him (pic.3). Charles Stettler – a swiss guy based in New York – was the founder of that Management and became later the promoter of the rap group "The Fat Boys", which he toured in Europe. It was Stettler who gave Kid Terrific his name. He asked him what the "Tee" – in Kid Tee – stands for and invented immediately "Terrific" out of it [1A]. Arthur Bisig from Zurich/Switzerland – one of the owner of the Jazzeria dance school in Zurich ([2][3], pic. 4) – read an article in a swiss magazin about Stettler who hangs out in the NYC local Hip Hop scene [4]. Before flying to NYC Bisig contacted Stettler with the intention to meet local Breakdance- and Electric- Boogie- dancers. The latter showed him around and presented him a lot of people, which was really helpful on Bisig's "mission". Among other things Bisig ended up at this dance contest at the Pier and saw Kid Terrific there (pic.5). Short after he met X-Tro and invited both of them to Zurich to teach Electric- Boogie- and Breakdance- classes in the Jazzeria  dance school (pic.6, pic.7, 1B and 1A]. But they also performed in Clubs, i.e. in "The Big Apple" Club in Zurich  (pic. 8), in the streets and they toured in other swiss, german and austrian cities. Two Swiss TV- Shows have been resulted out of their stay in Switzerland [5]. When they returned from the old continent Kid Terrific went solo  again and began to teach in a school in Connecticut. Besides he did also some Electric Boogie dance shows in movies like "Portfolio" with Julie Wolfe > see min.25 sec.57  (Thoremca Productions inc., 1983) or danced in music videos with Laura BraniganA little later he toured with „Short Circuit“ South America and joined „Electric Company“ under MrWiggles and Fable. Finally he connected with „Short Circuit“ and had become a part of "the incredible breakers" (pic.9 > left: Kid Terrific, right: Bryant, Leader and President of "the incredible breakers") ever since what was around in 1986. He never opened a school for dancing by himself nor did he go to a school of dancing. 

In NYC most breakers would go to the „Fun House“, „Danceteria“ or "the Roxy". Back in the day you just go to the block or the street, you knock on doors, ask others that you are around, whistle et cetera. There was no smart phone or beeper in those days.

The original spirit of the Hip Hop art and culture movement is, citation Kid Terrific:

Expression know that in all negative there is positive, expressing the positive so other may learn and enjoy.

He is absolutely convinced that that spirit still exists all over the world, which he finds amazing. Final citation Kid Terrific:

Hip hop to me took me out of hell and placed me in a place where I was able to express to my friends and family and finally the world that all life matters. Yes, life is not perfect but we must find a path may that be through the arts of signing, rapping, dancing, breaking, education, becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, anything is possible when you do not give up and remained focused. Never let any one take your happiness, no matter how tough your struggle maybe. Commitment hard work it is not easy but it will benefit when it is all said and done.

God bless and thank you Carrie for this interview.

Kid Terrific

Bronx NYC [1A]

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