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! OLd School Hip Hop Artist gets honoured by the king of sweden !

Grandmaster Flash receives the Polar Music Prize 2019 (Nobel Prize for Music) by his Majesty the King of Sweden Carl XVI. Gustaf .....Citation Carl XVI. Gustaf: ".... in honor of every DJ, every rapper, every graffiti artist, and every break-dancer", source Forbes, June 11, 2019, 04:10 pm.


TRUE (old)SCHOOL History:

Flyin' Cut Sleeves, gangs in the Bronx around 1970, produced by Henry Chalfant and Rita Fecher, 1993, >recommended by HHMS.


Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx (USA)

The Urban Art Museum Paris (F)

Museum of Graffiti (online, USA)

Museum of Graffiti (real in Wynwood/Miami, USA)

Collection Gallizia (Paris), (F)


14k Magazine (CH)

the source (Rap Magazine)

XXL (Rap Magazine) 

Vibe (Rap Magazine) 


Maximilian Jablonowski, "Züri breakt! Wie der Hip-Hop nach Zürich kam" in: Die 80er. Sie sind wieder da [Magazin zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung vom 17.Juni 2023- 25. Februar 2024], Eigenverlag: Schloss Karlsruhe, 2023, S.102-103. 

("Zurich breaks! How Hip-Hop came to Zurich" from Maximilian Jablonowski, in: The 80ies are back [magazin of the exhibition with the same name, June 17th 2023 until February 25th 2024], self- published: Castle of Karlsruhe, 2023, p. 102-103.)  

> Among others with the old school rap artist Torch (Heidelberg) who performed regularly at the legendary hip hop parties at the Coupole in Biel/Bienne (coll. CAP) in the early 90ies. 

Recension on Kid Terrific (HHMS Artist):

Breakdance soon to be olympic ("Breakdance bald olympisch", Swiss national television, SRF, in: Sportpanorama, 23.10.2023) > Intro with Kid terrific (see US- History at the HHMS). 


40 years of Hip Hop in Switzerland (French part).>  The "Coupole" in Biel/Bienne, mythic places of hip hop in the French part of Switzerland. "La Coupole - Bienne - Les lieux mythiques du hip-hop suisse romande. 40 ans de rap", by Couleur3 (RTS). 08.10.2019, > recommended by HHMS


Hip Hop Corner at the Neues Museum Biel/Nouveau Musée Bienne (NMB), permanent show since February 2023:  "Biel und der Röstigraben"/"Bienne et la barrière de rösti"= Bienna and the rösti-barrier (the rösti-barrier = french/german cultural barrier in Switzerland).   

> recommended by HHMS


5 mio. U$ of support by the US-federal to build the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx, february 2023 on CBS New York

> recommended by HHMS

COMING SOON Exhibitions & News: 

Queen Latifah (Dr. Queen Latifah > Doctor in honoris causae of fine Arts) got the Kennedy Center Honour by the US president Joe Biden.

see minute 9 and 43 sec. for Latifah and the ensuing citation Biden: "....in the last 50 years hip hop has become a unstoppable force in America ...and around the world ...".


"MODE ET SPORT, D’UN PODIUM À L’AUTRE" ("Fashion and sport, from one podium to another". "Mode und Sport, von einem Podium zum anderen"), at the Musée des arts décoratifs,  septembre 20th 2023 until april 7th 2024, Paris. 

Breakdance at the olympic games in Paris, july 26th until august 11th 2024.

Breakdance an den olympischen Spielen in Paris, 26.07.- 11.08.2024. 

> Swiss national television, SRF, in: Sportpanorama, 22.10.2022 "Breakdance bald olympisch? 22.10.2022.  (breakdance soon to be olympic?)


50 years of Hip Hop culture in the USA:

> swiss radioshow: "sounds" on SRF3, august 10th 2023. 

> TV- show: "Gesichter&Geschichten", SRF, August 11th 2023 (with sign-language for deaf people).


ADIDAS launched an Art in Residence Programm for a.o. NFT- graffiti Artists in Seoul during the korean blockchain week, septembre 7th - 8th 2023.

> Vogue article     > FORBES article 


Lady Pink got awarded for "Art in public spaces" by the Ulster County Executive Arts Awards (arts Mid Hudson), June 7th 2023. 

Lady Pink in Biel/Bienne Switzerland in 1991, in "Hip Hop Museum Schweiz, see - CH-History" > "Biel/Bienne das Hip Hop Mekka der Schweiz in den 80/90 Jahren". 


"BASQUIAT  X WARHOL. PAINTING 4 HANDS", april 5th - august 28th 2023 at Fondation Louis Vuitton (FLV), Paris see > Vogue article > end of the show on LinkedIN

> TF1 "La Brigade" (French Television Show) presents the Basquiat/Warhol Exhibition at the FLV : "Warhol x Basquiat, la collab’ entre l’ancien et le nouveau rebelle" (Warhol x Basquiat, the collaboration between the old and the new rebel). 

"BASQUIAT SOUNDTRACKS" > april 6th- July 30th 2023at Philharmonie de Paris, Paris. 

"BASQUIAT MODENA PAINTING", June 11th – august 27th at Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland 2023 > Recension on Swiss TV (SRF), 13.06.23: "Black Power auf dem Kunstmarkt.  Jean- Michel Basquiat vom Strassenkünstler zum Superstar (Black Power on the art market. Jean- Michel Basquiat, a street artist becoming a superstar).


"COLOR FESTIVAL 2023". Street Art Exhibition on five floors in a abandoned building, February 4th - December 10th, metro Porte de la Villette, Paris (19th arrondissement). 

>all recommended by HHMS